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In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately 5.2 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 56 percent over the next years, reaching about 8.1 trillion dollars by 2026.


Customer-centric Solution

Easy and cost-effective app development
Floki white-label mobile app development solution offers a seamless and affordable way for businesses to create their own customized white label apps.. With simplified processes and budget-friendly options, you can quickly enter the mobile app market without the need for extensive resources or technical expertise.
Highly customizable app creation
We understand the importance of uniqueness, which is why Floki white-label mobile app development company provides extensive customization capabilities. Tailor the app's design, features, and functionalities to align with your brand identity and business requirements, ensuring a personalized and engaging user experience.
Scalable application development:
As your business grows, Floki white-label mobile app development solution grows with you. Whether you're expanding your product offerings, target audience, or adding new features, Floki platform offers scalability to accommodate your evolving needs. Scale up your app's capabilities with our white label mobile apps and user base.
Built-in marketing and sales tools
Floki E-commerce white label app includes a range of built-in marketing and sales tools. From promotional features and customer engagement tools to analytics and user segmentation, empower your app with effective marketing and sales functionalities to drive user acquisition, increase conversions, and maximize revenue.
Support & Maintenance
As a mobile app creator, we provide dedicated support and ongoing maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of your e-commerce app. Floki experienced team is available to assist you with any technical issues, updates, or feature enhancements, allowing you to focus on running your business with peace of mind.

Key Features in Floki App

Mobile-based technology
In an era where 73% of e-commerce orders are made on mobile.
Digital Replacement Technology
Manage replacements within the app, eliminating the need for calls or emails.
Smart Search Algorithm
Effortless product discovery with intelligent search.
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Multi-language user & pickers app
Language flexibility for diverse users and efficient order fulfillment.
Order Tracking
Keep clients informed with real-time updates on your order status.
Restrict store access based on user location.
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Mobile Application

Immerse yourself in a modern and visually captivating user experience (UX) brought to life by Floki expert app creators. With meticulous attention to detail, Floki UI design and application development ensures a seamless app flow that guides users towards the perfect experience they seek. Our dedicated mobile app development company crafts a robust and intuitive platform that delivers a delightful user journey, fostering engagement, satisfaction, and ultimately, orders.

Jihad Hassan

Managing Director of Lifco

I was looking for a solution that would allow me to create an online marketplace for our multiple stores and lines of business, and the Floki Marketplace Platform was the perfect fit. The setup was easy, and the platform is customizable and scalable to meet my needs.

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Our market-tested solution has successfully processed thousands of orders, earning the trust of numerous satisfied clients.


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