Beyond Social Media: The New Era of Digital Presence
In the vast realm of e-commerce and digital presence, consumer behavior has undergone remarkable changes, particularly in the last decade. Rewind a mere ten years, and our shopping habits were largely influenced by online reviews. The internet was our go-to place for gaining insights into products before making a purchase. We read, we assessed, and we decided.
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5 Benefits of using Floki Solutions
In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. With more consumers than ever before shopping online, it's essential for businesses to have a user-friendly and reliable e-commerce platform in place.
5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own eCommerce Platform Instead of Sticking to Aggregators
The past year has witnessed unprecedented growth in the e-commerce market in the MENA region. The sector boomed with online shoppers, especially with the worldwide lockdown that confined people to their homes and mobile phones.
Why Tailor Your Own E-commerce Platform?
An e-commerce platform is a tool that should satisfy a client’s needs. So, what should a valid e-commerce platform provide to maximize its value?
Retailers & Efficient Digital Migration
In the current day and age customer acquisition is increasingly becoming a pain point for the retail market, due to the evolution of shopping. In the old days, a good product and a decent service would suffice in creating sales. As we move into the digital age getting the product seen and convincing the client to purchase online, requires a new set of skills.